Private HypnoBirthing Course

HypnoBirthing the Mongan Method is a course designed to help you achieve a calm and gentle birth for you and your baby.

HypnoBirthing is birth education, relaxation tools, breathing techniques, hypnosis and a chance to really connect with your baby and birth partner all rolled into one.

These classes will take place in the comfort of your home, meaning you get to spread out, relax and enjoy engaging classes with my undivided attention!

We will meet up once a week for 5 weeks for 2.5 hours each session.

I will provide you with your course materials so that all you need to do is show up and drop into the amazing content.

Want to find out more about how HypnoBirthing can help build your confidence and excitement for both you and your birth partner for your upcoming birth?  CLICK HERE

Investment: $900 (+ travel costs IF more than 15kms from me)

Whole Lotta Postpartum Love

This can often be the most undervalued part of your transition into motherhood/parenthood.

Leading up to your birth, we will map out a postpartum plan that feels right for you.

After birth, I will come bearing gifts, love, food, an extra set of hands and ears so you can debrief your birth story while I take care of few things, so that you don't have to.

We'll have catch ups at yours, so that you can shower, bathe, eat (all things that might seem easy now, but likely wont be, soon) or just catch some much needed Zzzs.

How well you're taking care of, in this postpartum period, will have long lasting effects on you and your family.

Ultimately, the more you are nurtured in these days, the more you'll be able to nurture your babe.

On my visits I can capture some pictures of you doing real life with your new babe, because as much as some nights might drag on, these precious moments will fly by and having something to look back at, will be invaluable, especially if you can look back at this time and you felt heard, seen and properly supported.

This package includes (amongst other things) 5 night's dinners a week, delivered to your door for the first two weeks, a year's subscription to Natural Parent magazine and a massage while I tend to bubs, so you can truly relax.

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Investment: $2,250 

The Whole Shebang

This is the package that will have you feeling super confident about walking into your birth space and your ever important postpartum period, rather than feeling overwhelmed about all the big changes that are approaching.


We will plan out how you want your birth to look and feel so that you have something in your hands to pass on to your care providers.  

We'll discuss all the questions and decisions your care provider probably wont cover.  The decisions that have real impact on your birth and parenting journey.


In home private HypnoBirthing classes will be included in this package, along with all course materials, a pregnancy massage and other goodies.


The Whole Lotta Postpartum Love package is included, which means we'll be catching up post birth for a birth debrief and in home support over the next few weeks, so that you can shower without feeling rushed, eat with both hands or just grab a much needed nap.  Your body is not only recovering from the amazing job of bringing babe earthside, it is also nurturing and nourishing your tiny little human.


Investment: $3,200

Are you interested in learning more about how you can feel confident and supported with your birth & postpartum?

Book in a free consultation with me so we can discuss your birth journey.



Maternity, Fresh 48 & Family

1-2 hour lifestyle or documentary sessions at home, outdoors or in hospital (Fresh 48).

20 high res edited images

Let's capture you full bloom, loving on that belly solo or with your wee fam with a maternity shoot either outdoors or in the comfort of your home for a super relaxed shoot.

Or a shoot taken within 48hours of bubs arrival, whether that is in the hospital or the warmth of your home. This is an awesome opportunity to capture bubs meeting grandparents or siblings for the first time if they've yet to meet baby.

Or perhaps you are after some pics when everyone has settled a bit more into life with a new addition. Let me capture all the baby snuggles at your home.

Investment: $400 for one of the above sessions  OR


               $700 for a combo of 2 of the above sessions



Mini-Me Sessions

Little Maidens of Mother Nature

30minute session at a forest location

10 high res edited images

Treat your little maiden to her very own photography mini session in a magical forest location.  Accessories provided.

Investment: $250 

Beach Babe

30minute session at a beach location

10 high res edited images

Treat your beach babe to their very own photography mini session down by the surf, playing on the sand and eventually running wild through the water.  Accessories provided.

Investment: $250

Creative, Branding or Cultural Connection Shoots

1-2 hour sessions at home, outdoors or in an Airbnb (additional costs for Airbnb)

20 high res edited images

Are you wanting to try a creative shoot of yourself or yourself and some friends or family? 

Do you have a special occasion coming up that you want documented for yourself or future generations?

Are you needing new pictures for your personal branding?

Let me capture these moments and see yourself through my lens. 

I don't take life too seriously, so don't worry if you're not super comfortable in front of the camera, neither am I and we will no doubt be laughing at ourselves before the day is over. 

Investment: $400 for one of the above sessions  OR


               $700 for a combo of 2 locations

(If you're wanting a shoot in an Airbnb, there will be the additional cost of the Airbnb added to our session cost)


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