mā∙mā to∙a

/ strong mumma /  ∙   noun
  1. every person that has housed a baby in their womb.

  2. a person partaking one of the most life changing journeys they will ever embark on.

  3. the role of a guardian tasked with raising souls of the future

  4. a person that should be revered. every. single. day.

Let me help you build the birth journey your heart needs

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Postpartum Doula love
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Are you pregnant and now just going through the motions wondering if you're missing something?

Are well meaning friends and family giving you conflicting advice and suggestions?

Are you laid back but feeling that 'going with the flow' might not be the best path to choose for this monumental transition?

My passion is to help shed a light on your options and help you discover what kind of birth and postpartum experience feels right for you.

With HypnoBirthing®, I can teach you the skills that will help you achieve a calm birth space to allow your body to do what it's built for.


Let's chat!

Are you in Brisbane or the Gold Coast and looking for someone to help plan the birth journey your soul needs?

Are you looking for a HypnoBirthing practitioner that can come and teach you in the comfort of your own home?

Shoot me a message below and let's connect.

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